Sanding Sealer


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Sanding Sealer

Bird Brand

Sanding Sealer

Pale sealer and grain filler for new or stripped wood including M.D.F. For use before French Polish or Wax.

Directions for Use

Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and wax. Rub down with fine sandpaper to smooth, then dust off. Stain and fill surface if necessary. Shake and stir contents thoroughly before use. Apply with brush or cloth (otherwise known as a "rubber").

Allow product to dry thoroughly. Up to 5 coats can be applied, if rough lightly abrade the surface with finest wire wool or flour paper. The final coat can be applied using a mixture of 50/50 Methylated Spirits and Sealer. Other shellac finishes may be used on top or for speed a finishing wax can be used.

Apply in a warm, dry atmosphere allowing 24 hours curing time before putting to use. After use clean brushes with Methylated Spirits.

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